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Body Cooler

Welcome ! We are the Official Manufacturers of
Body Cooler® & Body Warmer™ for People and Pets

The original Body CoolerŪ personal safety evaporative cooling vests, cooling bandanas, cooling wrist bands, cooling head gear, cooling pet mats, cooling foot wraps, cooling gloves, cooling visor, cooling bottles, cooling ice packs and a large variety of cooling clothing, cooling inserts, cooling accessories and pads by Body Cooler® are designed to safely and inexpensively keep you and your pets cool when heat is a problem. We have an expanded variety of fabrics and color for your needs. We carry nuetral tones to attractive patterns in options. We also offer wholesale with multiple fabric, logo and personalized custom design requests.

"Good Morning America"ABC News and "The Humane Society of USA" feature Body Cooler®'s Pet Mat

Thera Collar Ladies Cooling Vest Bra Inserts Chill Visor Cap
Body Cooler® products are manufactured for many different applications. Those with ailments that cause heat discomfort, such as Multiple Sclerosis cooling, also Outdoor activities cooling, Sports cooling, Industrial cooling, Military cooling, Operating rooms, Factories, and just about anywhere the heat is too much.

We use passive cooling that requires water activation. Our products have a non-toxic polymer that retains water. The outer fabric stays dry to touch and the Body Cooler® will last up to 3-5 days then re-activate. This is known as an evaporative cooling method. We also carry some phase change items (using ice pack inserts lasting 3 to 4 hours) and will be adding more soon.

Cooling Pet Mats
Pet Mats
Cooling Pet
Cooling Pet Wrap
Warming products by Body Cooler® are manufactured to safely and inexpensively keep you and your pets warm in cold weather.

All Body Cooler® / Body Warmer™ products are made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in the USA. How our products work: Click Here

Body Cooler® / Body Warmer™ products are non-toxic, re-useable, portable and do not require refrigeration or plugs or cumbersome systems to drag around. Body Cooler® products are water activated and can be used over and over if taken care of. Our portable body cooling provides convenience, comfort and safety in difficult heat. We spend continued efforts to keep up with your needs and styles. We also welcome suggestions and requests. Thank you for your support.

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Cooling products for people:
  • MS Cooling
  • Cooling outdoors
  • Military Cooling
  • Sports Cooling
  • Factory Cooling, Industrial Cooling (Vests, Safety)
Warming products for people:
  • Warming soothing aches and pains
  • Warming & heating portability
  • Warming protective clothing
  • Warm portable travel mats, scarves & gloves
Cooling products for pets:
  • Cooling Pet walks
  • US War Dogs cooling
  • Military K9 cooling
  • Canine Cooling
  • Pet cooling Comfort & Safety
  • Pet cooling travel products
  • Pet shows (Cooling Mats, bandanas, Wraps)
Warming products for pets:
  • Warm Pet walks
  • Pet warmth & comfort
  • Pet warming Pet travel
  • Pet warming for Pet shows (Warming pet mats, wraps)