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Body Cooler

Manufacturing Body Cooling & Heating Products

Body Cooler® products opened for business in 1987. The Body Warmer™ products were later added in 2003. All Body Cooler® / Body Warmer™ Products are currently made in the USA. All official / original Body Cooler® / Body Warmer™ products are and continue to be made at our original factory.

Most of our products have been sold worldwide though distributors and catalogues including MS Society and Associations, Veterans Memorial Hospitals VA, International Pet Shows and some Non-Profit Foundations like US War Dogs and the Humane Society.

Our retail sales are relatively new and can be made on our web site and phone.

Some other areas our products are used include Military, Industrial and Government workers. We are working towards expanding our retail capabilities as the demand has been continually increasing.

The retail sales experience is a great merit for us. We are able to know how our users are commenting on our products and we value these comments and do all we can to make improvements and provide what our customers need.

Body Cooler & Warmer
P.O. Box 218065
Houston, TX 77218-8065

Manufacture / Warehouse location
Houston, Texas 77003

Toll free: 1(855)800-1876
Phone: (832)422-7449