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Personal Cooling Devices: Body Cooling as a Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Many people who suffer with multiple sclerosis state that their symptoms include:

  • Muscle fatigue spasms
  • Loss of muscle tone
  •  Involuntary leg movements
  • Complete numbness or loss of sensation
  • Electric shocks or buzzing during head movements
  • Problems in speech coordination
  • Incontinence

These symptoms may worsen in high temperatures, and many sufferers turn to personal cooling devices in an attempt to promote body cooling. This multiple sclerosis product continuously pumps coolant into a vest or collar, lowering core body temperature while theoretically lowering oxygen demands and conserving energy. A body that is one degree cooler is reported to experience less spasticity and other neurological displays in MS patients.

The role of Nitric Oxide
Most researchers believe that the chemical nitric oxide plays an important role in reducing the activity of damaged neurons in MS patients, contributing to the development of neurological symptoms. By using body cooling systems, these patients demonstrate more nitric oxide production in their white blood cells, which produces:

  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Improved muscle strength
  • Significantly reduced fatigue


Individuals who suffer with MS may not completely understand the physiological aspects of their condition; but they know that when their bodies are cooler, they simply feel better. These patients are ecstatic about their improved fatigue level, balance and muscle strength, and they find that the longer they wear this multiple sclerosis product, the more benefits they enjoy.

Akemi, Inc
Akemi, Inc. has a line of body cooling products that can help MS patients to find a measure of relief from their symptoms. These personal cooling devices include head, neck and vest products, as well as convenient inserts, pads and wraps. Customers are able to speak with professionals at Akemi and discuss which product is right for them. Call our staff today at
1-800-209-2665 and start on your path towards relief from your multiple sclerosis symptoms.