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Body Warmer™ Products

Personal Body Warmers™ such as a warming vest, portable heating pad and hand and foot warmers help you feel warm and comfortable in cold weather. Portable heating pads and other Body Warmers™ can be used for heat therapy as well as to keep you warm.

Craig & Cortes, manufactures of Body Cooler®, carry this line of Body Warmers™ that use NASA technology.

By combining HEAT SHIELD™ from THERMAL BARRIER Ltd., a NASA spin off material and SOFlux OX™ from VENTEX®, ones own body heat is contained and heat loss will be kept to a minimum. This by method of reflective heat and barrier from further cold effects.

These warming products are lightweight, completely portable and use no other paraphernalia to keep you warm. Both fabrics are bacteria-resistant, anti-fungal, and waterproof.

The Torso Warming Vest weighs only 8oz. and the Portable Heating Pad can double as a warming seat pad. Your cold weather excursions will be much more fun using BODY WARMERS™ by BODY COOLER®.
We will be adding some updated versions and options later this fall into winter 2011. These will carry replaceable heat inserts and fully portable. They will include Warming neck scarf, Warming mats, Warming back wrap and various others.

The Portable Heating Pad can be
used anywhere, anytime
Size: 20 x 30 inches
Color: Navy Blue
Portable Heating Pad

Wonderful for any activity
when cool outdoors
One Size
Color: Navy Blue
Torso Warming Vest

Your hands never need to be cold again
one pair of gloves
One Size
Color: Navy Blue
Hand and Wrist Warmer - one pair of gloves

Size: Small / Medium
and Medium / Large
Color: Navy Blue
Foot Warmer


More protection for the
number one area of heat loss
One Size
Color: Navy Blue
Skull Pad Warmer